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Education Matters: NVUSD Strategic Plan targets teaching and learning, facilities and more
Posted 1/2/19

Six months into her tenure as NVUSD Superintendent, Dr. Rosanna Mucetti has submitted to the Board of Education two important documents that will guide the District through the next three years. 

  • The First 90 Days Report is the result of an intense Listening and Learning Tour to identify NVUSD’s strengths, areas for growth, opportunities and challenges, and provides a focus on maximizing strengths to address challenges.
  • The Board of Trustees approved the NVUSD 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, prepared by Dr. Mucetti and the management team and built on the existing Board priorities and goals and the recommendations in the First 90 Days Report. It is a road map to June 30, 2022, and includes goals, key initiatives and tactics in six key areas.


Napa Valley Register, Dec. 26, 2018